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How to Buy & sell tokens

You always have the opportunity to buy and sell tokens when you want.
Below you will see that this process is incredibly easy. To buy and sell tokens go to the exchange website outside the platform.

why buy & sell SEVEN tokens

MY SEVEN token is more than an asset. It carries the value of human interaction and generates profit for everyone.

buy tokens

You can buy the NFT you want for MY SEVEN tokens on the Platform. You can earn these tokens on the Platform or buy them directly on the open market (external exchange website).

sell tokens

You can always get another crypto currency or convert your tokens into fiat. It gives you the freedom to move forward with your investments.

buying & selling are very simple

Exchange websites are external companies that provide simple and clear token change process.

Register on the exchange website


Choose tokens to change


Confirm the operation

Where can I change tokens

The Decentralised Exchange (DEX) is a great place to exchange your crypto-assets without worrying about counterparty risks. All you have to do is create new wallet on the DEX and manage your funds. With the DEX you are free to exchange crypto-assets without the involvement of any third party.

want to earn free tokens?

You can earn MY SEVEN tokens on our platform for free in several ways.
learn how to earn tokens