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How to Buy & sell NFT

There are two ways to trade NFT on MY SEVEN Platform.


The NFT price is established based on market demand.

“Buy now” SALES

The direct sales where the owner can set the final price.
NFT is a way to make investments and generate income.
Participate in auctions and direct sales. Benefit from the rise of the NFT price.

How to buy nft at auction

Let s say you have your eye on an NFT that will be sold at auction, or you want to sell your art for the highest price possible. Here is how it works on MY SEVEN Platform.

Every auction has start price and minimal bid

The owner puts the NFT on auction with a starting price, minimal bid and the time limit.

Users place bids during specified period

Buyers offer amounts that are higher than the last bid. If a last-minute bid is made the auction time is extended by 30 seconds to avoid disagreements among the participants.

User with highest bid buys nft

NFT is sold to the person who made the highest bid. NFT changes the owner’s address automatically.
The advantage of participating in auctions is that the final price of the item is determined by market demand.

what is “Buy now”?

Some NFT on the marketplace can have a “Buy Now” button which means that you can purchase them immediately at the price set by the owner.
When you have bought NFT it goes into your wallet and becomes a part of your showcase in your profile.

To buy NFT you need a wallet

Purchasing NFT on the marketplace is as easy as buying anything in an online store. However, to hold an NFT you will need a wallet.

It’s time to make money on NFT!

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other options to earn with nft

Want to make more money on NFT? There are other tools available on MY SEVEN Platform besides auctions and “Buy Now” sales. Demonstrate your talents and boost your income!