our mission

We want to integrate 1 billion people into a global economy with equal abilities for everyone to earn tokens.
Let's create NFT
Let's create NFT
To achieve this we simplify the entry into the web 3.0 economics through new ways of earning and ownership to any person worldwide. With innovative business model we have elaborated the Platform with special features, user-centric and easy-to- use interface.

The most distributed token

We aim to become the most popular and distributed Token in the world. MY SEVEN tokenomics is the first that based on unique model to create unseen values for everyone.

true mass adoption

We will reach outstanding popularity all together with the help of celebrities and their followers. In the nearest future we are to become the first global token by the number of people holding it.


Unique interactions between followers and celebrities in new digital realm and economics create a new form of entertainment that brings more values to everyone.



MY SEVEN Platform with the help of its tokenomics and economics provides new market opportunities for people to earn via innovative technologies.


how can we do this?

Meet the points which are a superb basis for future development and become the industry standard with our effort.

unique economics

MY SEVEN tokenomics based on transparency and designed to meet the goals of mass adoption.

rewards for actions

We reinvent play-to-earn model and make it more achivable for everyone.

monetize talents

Turn on your creativity to monetize your talents. Perform like never before.

Proven work mechanics

We deeply analysed mechanics that had been working for hundreds of years.

giving, not taking

We are rewarding the community and not charging from it.

target markets

We carefully choose markets for our product were we expect a wider and faster adoption.

Why will we achieve that?

The project was founded by the experienced international team of professionals in product and business development, social marketing, user experience and blockchain. Designed by us business model consists of various parts that had been successfully validated on the market for years.

Our latest data

Get statistics on active users and earned tokens.

Active users

active users

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Users with tokens

active users

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Tokens earned by users

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and we do this for a better world

We are very focused on creating a huge social and environmental impact. We do it together with you!
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