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What is Token?

Token is a digital asset that is built on top of the blockchain technology. The token is a kind of money you can use on our platform. But unlike usual currencies, there is a clear and transparent scheme of emiting and distributing tokens.

How do tokens work?

Tokens are digital assets that used by people all over the world to trade with each other in a secure and transparent way.
Digital technologies are drivers of innovation that create the revolutionary transformation of the modern world. That’s why we use tokens like currencies in all the countries. Earn tokens via activities, buy on the external exchange if you need, and buy goods or entertain using them.

what token is used in my seven?

MY SEVEN token is utility token on the platform. It is more than just a token. The token is used to buy and sell NFT on the platform.

the only token you can use on celebrities’ exclusive NFT marketplaces

On MY SEVEN Platform you can only use our token to buy and sell NFT and other goods.

token use


Unique, fair and transparent token distribution system - the more actions you perform, the higher you go up the leaderboard and the more MY SEVEN tokens you get every 8 hours.


85% of all OUR Tokens go to users

We distribute 7 billion tokens over 7 years.
85% of all created MY SEVEN tokens go to users and are being distributed every 8 hours.
15% MY SEVEN tokens locked for several years with strictly limited unlocked capabilities.

what’s next?

Follow next steps to check out info about MY SEVEN tokens on the Platform.

multiply tokens

Learn more about MY SEVEN Staking and Noding in details to get more tokens simply by holding them.


buy & sell tokens

The fastest way to get tokens is to buy them on the external exchange website. Or to sell them to get some other currency.


store tokens

Meet 3 simple rules to keep your tokens safe.


live stats on MY SEVEN TOKENS

Accurate information is important, whether you are going to buy or sell tokens. We provide detailed visualisation of MY SEVEN token stats.