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how & where to store TOKENS

You can hold tokens in a special personal wallet on a blockchain. Don't have any? You can start it in a few clicks.
As tokens are digital coins, they are stored in a blockchain-based digital wallet.

what is crypto wallet?

A crypto wallet is an essential tool for users who want to store and transfer tokens. You can store your tokens in a safe and private manner by providing access to a secure digital wallet.You can confidently and securely manage your tokens with the proper wallet.

wallet itself

Your wallet is like your bank account. It's where you can hold your tokens.When registering a wallet, you get access to it in the form of a closed (private) key.

safe & Secure

To make you wallet more safe and secure hold your private key and secret phrases in a hidden and secure place with no access to anyone except you.

wallet types

There are two types of wallets - hot and cold.
Hot wallets are digital wallets on the web, like on a laptop or phone, which makes it simple to make a transaction. But they are more likely to be hacked, so make sure to keep your device and passwords safe.
Alternatively, cold wallets are hardware wallets (often USB-sticks) that are designed to be secure from cyber-theft, even when plugged into a computer. Be aware that physical damage, such as a fire, or theft, can still cause harm, so keep them in a secure place.

security rules of crypto wallets

There is nothing difficult about storing tokens securely. Just a few simple rules and your tokens are safe.

Keep private key and secret phrases safe

Security keys are the most important factor in keeping your wallet safe. Private key and phrases are securing the access to your tokens.

DO NOT GIVE access TO unverified services

As a general rule, it is safer to stay away from wallets and projects with anonymous or pseudonymous founders or teams.

Use a reliable crypto wallet

For example, MetaMask wallet makes it safe and easy to store, buy, send, receive, swap tokens and NFT.

how to start with crypto wallet

The approach to getting started is similar with all crypto wallets.

download the wallet

Download and open wallet app. Choose “Create a new wallet”.

mind key words while registering

It also be safer to enable the biometric function. Make sure you copy, write down a list of keywords so that you can find them. If you have to restore your account you will need it.

link your wallet in the my seven app