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Our Principles

Trust is the foundation of MY SEVEN business and the cornerstone on which we base our principles.
Let's create NFT
Let's create NFT
Let's create NFT
We are proud that our company takes its responsibilities seriously and is fully compliant with all applicable laws and rules. We strongly believe in transparency and ensure that everyone from our shareholders to our users has full visibility into the way we do business.

we are creating new rules towards nowadays challenges

We strive to make this world a better place and we are committed to helping people overcome challenges with innovative solutions. We believe that it is our duty to improve the people’s lives around us. We can ensure a brighter future for everyone by developing meaningful solutions with values.

To get tokens ≠ to buy some

It is usually necessary to purchase tokens in order to obtain them.

Not anymore! In our case you can get it for free in MY SEVEN Platform.

To get NFT ≠ to buy some

Nowadays, the most common way to get an NFT is to buy one.

Not anymore! You can get it with free MY SEVEN Tokens.

earning on NFT ≠ for professionals only

A professional team and a lot of time are required to launch an NFT collection.

On MY SEVEN Platform you can create easily and earn on NFT all together with celebrities.

our economics principles

MY SEVEN Platform provides unique model that solves current challenges in the digital space. There are no security regulations, no money transmitting but easy buying, selling and creating processes, rewarding system, and free tokens mass distribution.

MY SEVEN platform never sells any tokens

MY SEVEN Tokens are NOT securities. MY SEVEN Platform does not trade tokens and there is no money transmitting on the platform.

85% MY seven tokens go to users

85% of all created tokens go to users. Tokens are distributed every 8 hours every day.

as a result, there are no strong hands on the market

MY SEVEN Platform solves the most important issues about unfair tokens’ distribution that creates “strong hands”. Market manipulations happen when tokens are distributed to only a few people that become “strong hands”. Have a look what an awful outcome it brings sooner or later:
To prevent the situation from above MY SEVEN never sold any tokens to any investors. All emitted MY SEVEN Tokens go to the market from the Day 1.

we meet all the requirements

To meet all legal requirements is an integral part of MY SEVEN Platform. We win trust not with words, but with actions.

following all the regulations

It is extremely important to us to do everything right down to details. We follow all rules.

mind key words no money transmitting

Stay safe and legal. MY SEVEN Platform does not perform money transmitting.

no securities

Tokens are not sold here. MY SEVEN tokens are not securities.