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What is NFT?

NFT is Non-Fungible Token. NFT is like a digital certificate. It is individual and unique — only one copy of each NFT exists.
NFT consists of media such as art, music, videos, images, etc., and record that confirms their uniqueness. It helps people who buy a digital asset to secure ownership. NFT adds a layer of timeless and collectibility to everything in digital world.

What's the use of NFT?

NFT is a kind of digital collectible — you can share, buy, sell, and trade them on an open market.

Proof of ownership

The blockchain record that proves the ownership can’t be faked.


Unique and collectible items grow in price in time.

Additional values

The additional value of NFT comes from celebrities. It gives access to unique interactions.

types of NFT on my seven

Any work of art (pictures, songs, videos, etc.) and any kind of collectibles (both digital and physical) can be NFT

exclusive NFT

Celebrities can make NFT from any piece of their content, whether it’s a video, a picture, an autograph or art. All are verified.


Social NFT (sNFT) is an art made by any follower and autographed by celebrity. Whenever sNFT is sold royalties go to them as well.


Valuable NFT (vNFT) allows its owner to interact with the celebrity and experience the full range of emotions.


There is an opportunity to gather a whole set of digital collectibles. These NFT cards are united by a common theme and vary in rarity.

It’s time to make money on NFT!

Join our celebrities’ exclusive NFT marketplaces to collect digital assets, and earn by creating and trading them.


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Create NFT

it’s simple to store any of your digital assets

There are several ways to hold your digital assets, and we’ll tell you how to do it. Each of them is easy to learn. Use the one you like the most.

live stats on nft

Data visualization helps you take a hawk’s eye view of the situation and make the right decision. With the real-time dashboard, you have instant access to NFT stats. Watch the market trends and form your own strategy.